Are Mattress Protectors Good For Bed Bugs?

If you are concerned about the existence of bed bugs, mattress protectors are an excellent way to protect your bed from infestations. These covers are made to fit over your mattress and box springs, preventing insects from escaping. When you buy a mattress protector, be sure to select a one with zippers that close tightly. You also want to choose one with the correct dimensions for your mattress. Then, you can rest assured that the cover is perfect for your bed.

The most popular bed bug mattress covers are made from synthetic materials. Unlike natural materials, they don’t contain bed bug allergens. Most of these encasements are waterproof but not eco-friendly. You should look for a mattress protector that is made from organic cotton. This is better for those who are allergic to synthetic materials, and it is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Encasements can be purchased at local or online stores. Look for ones that state on the packaging that they protect against bed bugs. Mattress encasements can cost less than a hundred dollars, and most are under $50. They’re a reasonable alternative to hiring a professional to come in and remove the bugs from your mattress.

Bed bugs are hard to eradicate without treatment. If you have a bed bug infestation, investing in an encasement is the most effective way to protect yourself. These products are made to fit mattresses anywhere from 6 to 18 inches deep. They also have elastic seams at the bottom, making it easier to remove the pests.

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