Are Bed Bugs Black?

You may be asking, “Are bed bugs black?” This is a common question, but the answer is no. In their adult stage, bed bugs are usually light brown to reddish brown. This color is dependent on their stage of development and the amount of blood that they have been feeding on. Their color changes from translucent to reddish brown once they are full.

The black and white striped bedbugs are not harmful. These little fuzzy worms are actually members of the Coleoptera order, which includes carpet beetles and larder beetles. These bugs are found in beds and mattresses, and can even be found behind headboards. Fortunately, they don’t bite.

The female bedbugs lay approximately 200 to 250 eggs throughout their lifetime. These eggs are one-millimeter in diameter and difficult to detect with the naked eye. Bedbugs have five different nymph phases during their life cycle. During each molting, the nymphs grow in size, from 1.5 to four millimeters in diameter.

Although bedbugs are black, they are not the only bugs that appear this way. Some other household bugs like earwigs and bristletails may look similar. Bedbugs are not black during their life cycle, however. Rather, they are translucent when they first hatch and will turn a yellow or orange color before they reach adulthood.

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