Why Do Ants Drink Alcohol?

Having alcohol in your home can be a dangerous thing. Some types of alcohol are toxic to insects, and it can cause ants to become sick or die. Drinking a moderate amount of alcohol isn’t harmful, but consuming too much can lead to ants becoming inebriated.

Alcohol is made from fermentation. During fermentation, yeast or certain bacteria break down sugars into ethanol. This is a process that can occur naturally in fruits that have been left out for too long.

In humans, alcohol can affect the body in a number of ways. Besides being intoxicating, alcohol can cause nausea, vomiting, and dehydration. It can also burn ants’ exoskeletons.

In the wild, ants can become intoxicated from eating fermented fruits. They can also become sick from drinking alcoholic beverages and consuming drugs. They can also become addicted to certain medicines.

While it is common for ants to eat alcohol-laced fruit, they aren’t always drunk. Some ants get drunk by drinking beer or alcohol that’s been dropped by humans. They can also become inebriated by eating foods that have been fermented, eating excessive amounts of sugar, or consuming medications.

Drinking alcohol is not an instinctual behavior. Ants have a hard time walking when they’re drunk. They also have difficulty in maintaining balance, and they might get confused or lose their balance. During intoxication, ants may be unable to distinguish between good and bad. In fact, they might not even understand what’s going on.