How to Keep Ants From Coming Through Drains

Using duct tape to keep ants from coming through drains may work, but not all the time. Having a professional plumber clean your drains can help. In addition, keeping your drains free of food and waste will keep ants from entering your home.

Using a solution of baking soda and vinegar can kill ants in drains. These are powerful, odorless ingredients that destroy the scents ants have accumulated. You can also use them to clean your drains. You will also need a container to put the concoction in. It is important to keep the concoction in a container where it will not wash away.

You can also use a solution of borax and dish soap. This will work quickly. You should shake the solution before you use it. You should also use waterproof caulking to seal any cracks in the walls or foundation.

Borax is a natural powder, obtained through the reaction of metaboric acid and sodium silicate. You can buy it at department stores. Boric acid will kill ants on contact. If you use borax to kill ants, be sure to place it where the water won’t wash it away. You can also use a disposable caulking gun to inject borax into the walls.

Clorox disinfecting wipes can also be used to kill ants. You can use these wipes three times a day. You will also need to heat the wipes to boiling. This will make them hot enough to kill ants.