Why Can’t Venus Fly Traps Eat Ants?

Despite the fact that Venus fly traps are carnivorous plants, they don’t really eat ants. However, the plants can use nutrients from dead ants to replenish their nutrients.

They’re also known to eat spiders, beetles, grasshoppers, and other small bugs. But because of their carnivorous nature, they do not eat many of the larger insects, such as mice and cats.

The reason Venus fly traps are able to catch small insects is due to their unique hair triggers. These trigger hairs are small filamentous organs located in the center of the lobe. When the prey brushes against these hairs, they stimulate the hair trigger and send an electrical signal to the ant’s body. The electrical signal then triggers the trap to close.

The International Carnivorous Plant Society has a good fact sheet on the trap’s various functions. The fact sheet includes photos of Venus fly traps catching blood worms and how to get the trap to seal.

Although Venus fly traps are a very clever plant, they don’t eat ants. In fact, the traps only eat two insects a month during the growing season.

The traps are also known to catch small earthworms and other non-flying insects. During the dormant season, many Venus fly traps die off. They can be brought indoors for the winter months, but they will need to be fed at some point.

You can also give the traps a boost by feeding them fish food. Fish food contains a lot of nutrients that the Venus fly traps need to survive. You can buy fish food at your local pet store.