Which Type of Ants Have Wings?

Whether you are a pest control professional or simply a homeowner, it can be difficult to figure out which type of ants are causing a problem. There are a lot of different species of ants. These insects are social insects that form colonies. They are grouped into castes, including the worker, the reproductives and the alates. Each caste performs a different role in the colony.

The workers are the largest caste. They are responsible for all the work in the colony. The reproductives are the females that mate and lay eggs. They are also the sterile females that tend to the queen. The alates will eventually leave the colony to start new colonies.

There are several different species of ants that have wings. They include flying ants and winged termites. The wings of flying ants are usually reddish, and have a smoky appearance.

These insects are often nocturnal and are attracted to light sources. They are also attracted to warm temperatures and humidity after rain. Depending on the species, ants with wings breed during the summer months. If you are having trouble figuring out which type of ants are causing the problem, you should contact an exterminator for assistance.

In the spring, most species of ants in Canada will swarm. These insects form new colonies by mating and laying eggs. The females in the colony are usually 15mm in length, but the queens are much larger.

A newly minted queen will detach the wings from her body and begin to search for a suitable nest site. Once she finds a suitable site, she will lay the first batch of eggs. The eggs will then hatch.