Which Plants Do Ants Hate?

Having plants that repel ants can be very beneficial for your garden. These plants are affordable, easy to find, and they provide a great fragrance. They can also be great decorations for your home.

Rosemary and mint are great plants to repel ants. These plants are easy to grow outdoors, and they produce oils that deter insects. They are also used for culinary purposes.

Garlic is another great plant for ant repelling. It has an extremely strong smell, and ants hate the smell of garlic. Garlic can be purchased from your local grocery store.

Pennyroyal is another plant that repels ants. It is a close relative of mint, and it has a sweet, sweet scent. It can be planted in plastic tins, or buried in the ground. It can also be planted in flower pots.

Thyme is also an effective ant repellent. It can be planted in the garden, in flower pots, or in strategic areas around the home. It grows slowly, and it will spread perennially.

Lavender is another plant that repels ants. These plants can be used to scent your home, and they can grow to several feet in height. The smell of lavender attracts important pollinators.

There are many other plants that can be used to deter ants. Some plants are less toxic than others, so you can choose one that works for you. Just be sure to read many reviews before purchasing plants to make sure they’ll be effective.