Where Does Ants Come From?

Generally speaking, ants have been around for millions of years. They have evolved from a common wasp ancestor. During the Cretaceous period, which lasted about 140 million years, ants and wasps diverged.

Today, modern ants can be found in dirt, grass and grassy areas. They can also be found in and around homes. They can enter homes through cracks in walls, floorboards, doors, vents, windows and utility lines.

Ants are known to hunt for sugary substances. These substances are great sources of energy, so ants will gladly eat them.

Ants will also scavenge for other things, like dead animals or debris on the ground. These animals and objects are then cleaned up by ants.

In the spring, worker ants start foraging for food. They lay down chemicals and pheromones to attract other ants and find food. They then bring the food back to the colony.

Other ants build nests in places like crawlspaces, utility lines, and wall voids. Some species create large tunnels many feet deep below the ground.

Some ants even build nests inside homes. These are called “Satellite nests”. These nests are made up of just a few workers.

In order to keep ants out of your home, you need to clean up spills and keep food out of reach. You can also use natural products to deter ants. You should also seal up any cracks and holes that might allow ants inside your home.

Ants are a great source of food, but they can also be a problem. Some ants can be very destructive, especially when nests start to grow out of control.