How Does Gon Destroy the Chimera Ants?

During the fight with Kite, Gon realizes that he is in the middle of a battle. He wants to save his family from the Chimera Ants’ scheme. He also wants to restore the mind of Kite. However, the King of the Chimera Ants leaves the nest with the Royal Guard. This leads to an incident that is labeled genocide-suicide.

The Chimera Ants’ Queen starts eating human beings. The remaining squad captains are dispatched to deal with the problem. The Chairman, Netero, organizes a team of Pro Hunters to take on the Chimera Ants. The Hunter Association is able to capture a small group of Chimera Ants. However, the top echelons of the NGL are killed by the Chimera Ants.

The Chimera Ants claim NGL facilities and weapons. Their DNA is human. They are also aware of humans with Nen-enhancement. They plan to capture Nen-enhanced humans. Their leaders take note of them.

When Gon is ready, he will travel through the Testing Gate to meet Killua. However, he is hesitant to accept Hisoka’s charity. Gon’s conviction touches Canary’s heart.

When Gon and Killua get to Kite, Gon is surprised to learn that the Chimera Ant Queen has a severed arm. He also finds out that the Chimera Ants have human DNA. He realizes that the Chimera Ants have individuality. He also knows that he is in the middle of securing a target. He also uses Bloodcrazy Butterflies to locate a target. He plans to snag the tag of Ponzu.