Where Do Flying Ants Come From?

During the summer months, when the temperature is right, flying ants will swarm. These insects are usually carpenter ants. They are a common pest and can be found in homes. The ants are drawn to moisture and wood. They also seek light. They are not known to bite humans.

The flying ants are typically found in homes, in the wood of houses and around trash cans. They can also be found in damp wood, such as around a pool or a tree.

The most important phase of the reproductive cycle of an ant colony is called the nuptial flight. It is when the queens, the fertile females, leave the nest and search for mates. After they find a mate, the queen will start to build a nest in a chamber in the ground. She will also lay eggs. The fertile females will live for several years. The males are able to survive for a few days, but will die after mating.

A female ant will lay eggs in a new location, and will depend on her offspring to feed her. She will also continue to fly for mates. The ants will also feed on ordinary food substances.

In the United Kingdom, millions of flying ants swarm every summer. They can also be found around pools and lights. Their appearance has been observed from space. They have been known to invade Wimbledon courts.

The flying ants are usually found in homes and in areas where colonies are established. They have two wings on each side of their bodies. The hind wings are smaller than the front wings.