Where Do Bullet Ants Live?

Besides being one of the largest ant species, bullet ants are also one of the most venomous. They are a native of Central and South America, and are commonly found in tropical rainforests.

They are also called 24-hour ants. This name is due to the pain that comes with the sting. This sting is so powerful that it can paralyze a person for hours.

Bullet ants can also be found in other parts of the world, including the Amazon Rain Forest in Central and South America, and in Costa Rica and Honduras. These ants can be found in rainforests, shrubs, and lianas, but they do not live near humans. They typically make nests in the base of trees or shrubs.

These ants can be found in tropical forests, and have been known to attack large, frightening creatures. They do not live in colonies like army ants, but rather, they defend their own territory and attack intruders.

Bullet ant colonies typically consist of a queen and several hundred ants. Workers take care of other members of the colony. They build nests, and search for food. They also produce a scent that attracts a phorid fly, which feeds on injured ants.

Bullet ant colonies are primitive eusocial. In fact, it is possible for a single ant to nourish up to 20 eggs. They build huge anthills that can be three meters high. They also construct tunnels underground to maintain a constant temperature.