Where Does Flying Ants Come From?

During the summer months, you may have seen flying ants swarming around lights. They will normally leave unthreatening people alone. These insects are sometimes mistaken for termites, which also have wings.

If you have a swarm of flying ants, you need to determine how they got inside your house. If they entered through an open window, you might need to get rid of the colony. If they entered through a crack, you may have to seal the crack.

The best way to prevent flying ants from getting into your home is to eliminate the source of food. This means storing your food in airtight containers. You also need to prevent moisture from getting into your home. Flying ants will be attracted to moisture and sweet food.

You can also get rid of flying ants by sealing cracks in your home. You can also cut back shrubs and trees. You can also contact a flying ant control company to find out how they can get rid of flying ants. You can also search the Internet for products that will help get rid of the flying ants.

The flying ant season is between June and September. This is when they fly out to look for mates. They will then lay their eggs in a new location. They are also known to search for wood. This means that you may find them around trash cans, pools, and other places where there is plenty of decaying wood.