Where Can You Get Carpenter Ants in the UK?

Thousands of ant species are found around the world. The United Kingdom is home to 50 species. Ants are generally harmless. They are a part of the same order as wasps and bees. They are also one of the most highly organised insects.

The Formica genus is found throughout Europe. They scavenge food other than animals, including honeydew from aphids. They also help in decomposition of forests. They are usually found in UK properties that contain wood.

Carpenter ants are also known as the Scottish wood ant. They have a dark brown or black abdomen and a reddish head. The workers are 4.5 to 9 mm long. The queens are a little larger than the workers, and they reach 12mm in length.

Carpenter ants tend to tunnel through wood framing. This can cause the wood to rot more quickly. Their colonies are usually found in damp wood. They may also leave a pile of wood shavings inside a wall. They also have a strong appetite for dead insects. They are most active at night.

Carpenter ants have a wide range of foods, including fruit, honeydew, nectar, and even dead insects. They are especially attracted to rotting wood. A professional pest control service can remove a carpenter ant infestation from your home.

Carpenter ants can be dangerous if they chew their way into your home. They may also leave rusting in your walls or windows. They also travel along electrical lines and plumbing lines. The best way to eliminate carpenter ants is by using a contact insecticide.