When Do Ants Fly?

Whether they are found outside or inside, flying ants can be quite a sight. These insects are able to fly, allowing them to mate with ants from other locations.

These insects are usually found around lights and trash cans. They are also a common sight during the warmer months. They are a great source of food for hungry birds.

The only types of ants that have wings are the fertile males and females. These insects are created by the queen. These females use their wings for strength while laying eggs.

During the spring and summer months, flying ants spend most of their time inside their ant colonies. They fly only when conditions are right. This includes warm, humid conditions, high temperatures, and clear weather.

During these months, ants are especially likely to swarm. Swarms are collections of selected colony members. This gives ants a power in numbers approach to protecting themselves from threats.

During this time, flying ants are most likely to swarm after heavy rain or after a hot, humid day. This is also the time when female ants will lay eggs on human property.

While these ants are not stinging insects, they can be a pest in certain communities. This is because some species of ants are able to bite. It is also possible for these ants to enter homes through a crack in the foundation. You can prevent these ants from invading your home by ensuring that you clean up any spills, and using ant spray that is safe for kids and pets.