What to Do When Ants Have Wings

Almost all species of ants have wings, but there are some species of ants that do not have them. These ants include reproductive ants, worker ants, and sterile female ants.

Reproductive ants are ants that produce eggs and female ants that lay eggs. These ants fly to find a good place to establish a new colony. Usually, these ants will fly away from the current colony. This is called a swarm.

These ants will also fly short distances to popular gathering places. Usually, these ants will leave you alone unless you provoke them. These ants do not have stingers, and you will not be bitten unless you provoke them.

If you find ants with wings in your home, you may be a victim of an infestation. This is because these ants are searching for a mate. They will also use their wings as a source of strength while they are laying eggs.

If you see flying ants in your home, it is important to act quickly. This will help prevent you from getting bitten and from having a worse infestation. You can contact an expert to get a professional inspection if you are concerned. The experts at Ehrlich Pest Control can help you keep your home free of ants.

Winged ants are reproductive ants that swarm to find a new nesting place. They may be taking a nuptial flight, or they may be searching for a new colony. These ants will not bite you unless you get very close.