How to Keep Ants Out of Your Home

Having ants around your home can be very aggravating. They are tiny and can be found in places where you wouldn’t expect them. They are also a social insect and are looking for food. However, there are several things you can do to keep ants away.

First, you need to make sure you don’t leave food out. Ants are attracted to sugars and sticky residue. To prevent ants from gaining access to your home, store your food in airtight containers.

You should also clean your garbage and trash cans frequently. This will remove any food residue. You should also clean the area behind your fridge and stove. You should also vacuum the floors and baseboards to remove food residue.

Another way to keep ants out of your home is to make sure the windows and doors are properly sealed. Ants are attracted to doors that have a leaky seal. This is especially true if the doors have been used infrequently. You should also make sure the cracks in the walls are sealed. These cracks can be found in areas where the wall meets the floor.

In addition, you should check the gutters to make sure they are clear of rain. Water is a basic need for everyone. This is particularly true in times of drought. If you see water accumulating near your home, clean it up immediately.

Other ways to keep ants out of your home include ensuring you store food properly, keeping your home clean and dry, and sealing any cracks or gaps. You can also use natural products to repel ants. For example, lavender and peppermint oils are known to be repellent.