What Time of Year Should You Spray For Ants?

Generally, ants can be kept out of the house by using baits. You can purchase bait stations that are easy to use. These stations are designed to draw ants to a specific location. You can re-fill the station as needed.

You can also use ant gels, which are designed to be squeezed into cracks. These gels should be placed a few feet away from the foraging ants. Advion WSDG is a product that can be used on windows, doorways, baseboards, and cracks.

Generally, you will need to do some testing before you choose the best ant spray for your situation. Most ant sprays will not kill every ant, but they will kill the visible ones.

You should also make sure to seal all food storage containers. You should clean and empty them regularly. You should also replace trash can liners as needed. You should also wash your kitchen regularly.

Ants usually enter buildings seeking food and shelter. They can also nest inside walls. You can seal these holes and cracks with caulking or petroleum jelly. You can also remove ants with a damp cloth or vacuum.

A good ant spray will include a slow-acting insecticide. Baits, on the other hand, take more time to work. Using a slow-acting pesticide will eventually kill the whole colony.

A pesticide that has a spinosad component can be effective, but you should only use it outdoors. Dust insecticides are also available for indoor use.