What Can You Use to Kill Ants in Your House?

Whether you’re dealing with an ant infestation in your kitchen, or just want to prevent them from gaining entrance, there are several things you can do to get rid of ants. Some of these things are a little more practical than others.

One of the best ways to get rid of ants in your home is by removing the food that they have access to. The next step is to seal off any entry points. You can do this by using cement to seal up any holes or cracks in the floor or walls.

Another good way to get rid of ants is by using a bait trap. Bait traps are safe to use in your kitchen and other areas of your home, making them a great option for controlling ants.

You can also use vinegar and citrus peels to make a natural ant repellent. You can use a spray bottle to mix vinegar and water or sprinkle the citrus peels around the ant entry points.

Peppermint essential oil is a great way to get rid of ants. You can buy peppermint essential oil at your local grocery store. It can be sprayed around the baseboards or windows.

Another way to get rid of ants is by making your own liquid ant bait. You can mix sugar, peanut butter and boric acid crystals to make your own. You can then boil the mixture for six minutes to dissolve the acid crystals. You can then store the mixture in a labeled jar.