What Are Ants Good For?

Despite the fact that some people are apprehensive about ants, there are actually quite a few things they can do for you. They’re great for decomposers, they can aerate soil, and they’re good for worms and other beneficial insects.

Ants are also helpful in keeping your home and garden free from pests. Many ants will feed on aphids and other sap-sucking insects, thereby protecting your plants from damage.

They also contribute to the formation of good topsoil. Their tunnels help aerate the soil and increase its water flow. This helps improve its quality and increases its nutrient content.

Ants also have the ability to change the chemistry of soil. They increase the amount of phosphorus and nitrogen in the soil. This helps plants grow crops.

They also have the ability to decompose dead animal matter. Ants have a special stomach that allows them to store liquid. This helps them speed up the decomposition process.

They also have the ability to aerate the soil, which helps water reach the roots of plants. They also help to transport seeds. This is especially beneficial for plants that need to grow in places with less-than-ideal soil conditions.

One of the best things ants do is to move dead insects out of the way. They also help to decompose dead animals and other organic matter.

Ants are also good for preventing soil compaction. This increases the soil’s productivity and environmental quality.

They’re also a great source of nutrition for many other organisms. They provide food for birds, insects, and worms. Some ants even pollinate flowers.