Is It Flying Ants Day?

During the hot summer months, ants will begin to emerge from their nests. This is a natural phenomenon, allowing them to find mates and start new colonies.

These creatures are beneficial to our ecosystem as they help aerate the soil and recycle nutrients. They also provide food for birds.

They are also an important part of the ecosystem as they control pests and improve the fertility of the soil. They are also good short-term weather predictors.

The best time to see flying ants is during the hotter summer months. They are often spotted in large numbers and can be quite annoying if you are enjoying alfresco dining.

They can also provide a quick meal for birds. Their large number can be a threat to people, though.

The best time to see flying ant sightings is late July or early August. They are most likely to be black garden ants. Their numbers can reach tens of thousands.

The largest swarms can be a nightmare if you are planning on enjoying a summer party. You may need to close doors and windows. However, there are several ways to deal with them. They can be removed with bug spray or peppermint oil. You can also get rid of them by using dish soap and water.

A recent study by the Royal Society of Biology found that flying ants are not limited to one day a year. In fact, they are spotted on more than ninety percent of days between June and September. The most important thing to remember is that flying ants do not actually bite.