How to Keep Ants From Pollinating Cucumbers

Generally, ants are considered good garden mates. They help clean up the dirt and cart away debris. They also protect aphids from predators. But, in some cases, they can damage cucumber plants. Here are some tips to keep ants from invading your cucumbers.

One way to keep ants away from your cucumbers is to use neem oil. Neem oil is made from neem trees and is 100% organic. To apply, use a spray bottle. Neem oil is a natural insecticide, so don’t apply it midday when the sun is hot.

Another option is to use borax. Borax is a household chemical compound, found in soap and toothpaste. Borax kills ants when they ingest it. However, this method is not effective for long-term ant control outside.

If you have aphids on your cucumbers, you can remove them by spraying the plants with neem oil. It may be necessary to spray several times to completely remove them.

You can also sprinkle ground cinnamon around the plants. This will help repel ants, and it will also act as a fungicide. Using boric acid powder is also a good way to protect your plants.

Another way to keep ants from invading cucumbers is to use diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is fossilized algae that ants don’t like. You can spread it on the trail of the ants, and it will kill the insects that attract them.

You can also try using lemon juice or vinegar on the cucumber plants. These can be sprayed on the plants in the morning.