How Strong Are Fire Ants?

Whether you’re dealing with a pest problem or trying to grow a garden, you may wonder how strong are fire ants. These small ants have amazing strength and the ability to lift objects several times their own weight. They are also able to carry loads that are up to ten times their own weight.

Fire ants have been known to attack humans, livestock, animals, and crops. They are also known to scavenge dead animals and seeds. They are very aggressive and will often sting repeatedly.

The venom of imported fire ants is made of alkaloid compounds. These alkaloids produce a burning sensation that lasts for several hours. The alkaloids in injected venom also produce a red spot on the skin. This burn is caused by a small amount of aqueous proteins.

There are two genetically distinct forms of imported fire ants. The red imported species is very aggressive and can cause damage to homes, air conditioning units, and plants. This species has been introduced in the southern half of the United States and has also been found in Puerto Rico. The red imported species also has interbred with local native ants.

The red imported fire ant is found in open sunny areas and builds mounds that resemble gopher diggings. They can be up to 18 inches high and have no opening at the center. Their mounds are usually located around trees and in rotting logs.

If you see an ant stinging, you should brush the area quickly to remove any stinger. This will help prevent infection.