How Strong Are Army Ants?

Among the most complex animals in the world, army ants are a group of more than 200 species. These small, insect-like creatures are known to carry a staggering amount of weight, and they are extremely strong.

A colony of these ants can consume as much as 500,000 prey per day. In addition, they have a reputation for being a destructive force, and they have been found to have a significant impact on many native insects.

The queen of these ants is several centimeters long. She mates with multiple males and produces enormous broods. She has an enlarged gaster, compared to other ants, which allows her to produce three to four million eggs a month.

These ants are highly aggressive and can swarm over their prey, but they do not usually sting. In fact, some native cultures use them as a form of self-defense.

In addition to their aggressiveness, army ants are experts at war. They use their mandibles to cut their prey, and they can secrete an acid that liquefies the prey’s tissues. This makes it easier for the army ants to tear it apart.

The ants also have very strong bites. Their stingers are located in their abdomens, between the head and the abdominal thorax. They do not have compound eyes, but they use antennae to sense light and pheromones to communicate with one another.

Although army ants are incredibly strong, they cannot outrun their prey. In fact, they can carry 20 times their own weight, or up to 4,000 pounds.