How Much Do All the Ants in the World Really Weight?

Until now, we’ve had no idea how many ants actually live on our planet. Scientists have long speculated about ant populations. Some naturalists worry about an insect apocalypse.

A recent study has shed light on the number of ants on Earth. The researchers compiled data from 489 studies about ants, including those that measured their size and density. Their result was a massive global dataset.

The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Hong Kong. The new count was the result of an international collaboration. The study included data from studies in all continents. They also examined studies that were written in different languages. They concluded that the ant population on Earth has likely reached the 100 trillion mark.

The study also found that the average ant weighs 60 milligrams. The average human weighs 62 kilograms.

The study also found that the weight of the world’s ants exceeds the weight of all humans. This may sound a bit high, but researchers say that this is a conservative estimate.

The new study compiled all of the data available on ants. It took six years to do it. The researchers did their math and came up with a massive global dataset. This may be the most comprehensive study to date on the subject.

The study also found that the total biomass of the world’s ants is more than the combined biomass of all mammals, birds, and insects. The ant’s biomass is about a fifth of all human biomass.