How Long Do Flying Ants Last?

Unlike stinging insects, most species of flying ants are not dangerous. However, a bite can cause anaphylactic shock, hives, and a swelling throat. It’s important to know the symptoms of anaphylactic shock and take steps to prevent a shock.

The typical life span of ants is between a month and a year. However, some species can live for up to 10 years. The longevity of an ant colony depends on the life span of the queen.

When ants start to fly, they do so to find a place to mate. If they do not find a suitable nesting spot, they will crawl around looking for one. Once they find a suitable nesting site, they will lay eggs. They then mate and their wings will start to tear. They then land and start their new life cycle.

When a queen dies, her colony will die. This is known as a swarm. Swarms of flying ants are a very popular social event. During a swarm, half of the ants die and the other half continue to fly.

The most common type of flying ant is the black garden ant. This type has a single queen and a colony of 5,000 to 15,000 workers.

A queen can live between 10 and 30 years in the nest. She will then begin the next life cycle. She will lay eggs and a small number will eventually become queens. Depending on the species, queens will lay millions of eggs.