How Hard Working Are Ants?

Known for their determination and persistence, ants are hard working insects. They are the busiest insects in the world. They are always on the move, building underground chambers for food and collecting eggs. These insects are even able to lift objects up to 5,000 times their own weight.

These insects work together to achieve their goals. They don’t have a commander, but they work with each other for the common good.

Aesop picked an ant as the protagonist of his fable about provident hard work. He described the ant colony as a highly organized system. Natural historians have observed ant colonies for millennia. They are a very social animal. They are tasked with gathering food, cleaning up debris and fighting other insects.

They are also tasked with storing food. During periods of plenty, they store food for future times. Some species create barely noticeable anthills on the surface. Other species create deep tunnels, many feet below the ground.

They are also known to be a threat to people, pets and animals. If they get out of hand, they can be very dangerous. They can attack other insects and even people.

Some ants, especially queen ants, produce thousands of eggs in one lifetime. Queens are usually bigger than all other ants. They don’t forage, but they are the mothers of all workers.

Some species have specialized warrior castes. They use their super strength to haul food. These ants are also helpful in defending their nest.