How Do Fire Ants Live?

Whether you have a house in the desert or in the city, fire ants are an invasive insect that can put your family at risk. These insects are common in the United States and are especially common in warm climates.

Fire ants live in underground nests. Workers scavenge for food in the morning and evening. They then carry the food back to the nest. This feeding cycle can last up to 180 days.

These insects are native to South America. They are known for their aggressive nature. They will bite humans and other animals as they forage. They are also known to hitch rides inside homes and buildings.

Fire ants are highly adaptable to almost any climate. They are particularly attracted to moist areas with abundant sunlight. They will also feed on carrion, seeds and young tree bark. They prefer high protein foods. They can be found in virtually any soil.

The average mature fire ant mound is approximately 6-18 inches tall. The size of the mound is dependent on the colony size and the moisture in the soil. It is also determined by the texture of the soil.

During the mating season, reproductive fire ants will break through the mound to mate in the air. The fertilized queen will then lose her wings. She then builds an underground chamber for the nest.

The lifespan of an individual fire ant is very variable. The queen can live up to 6 years, while the workers can live up to 180 days.