How Do Ants Take Care of Their Young?

Despite their small size, ants are quite social insects. They live in colonies and take care of their young in many different ways. They communicate by touch and smell. They regurgitate food to share with their nestmates. They also defend their nest from predators.

Ants eat many different types of food. They are highly attracted to sweet, sugary foods like honeydew. They also eat protein-rich foods. In addition, they are highly sensitive to smell. Some ants even raise aphids.

The size of an adult ant depends on the type of food they eat. They can be as small as a pea. These ants can be found in tropical habitats.

Workers tend to the young inside the nest. They gather food for the colony and defend the nest from predators. They also expand the nest. They may live for several months.

They leave chemical trails that help nestmates find food. They also carry water by swallowing. Their bodies contain several tiny holes that allow oxygen to enter.

They may also build nests underground or under the siding on your home. They can also build nests in wood and decaying tree stumps. They may even nest under firewood piles. They may also be found in leaf litter and around broken pipes.

Their nests are very large and they can displace a large amount of soil. They can also tunnel into your home through cracks in your foundation. They have large, strong jaws.