How Do Ants Survive Heavy Rain?

During the rainy season, ants are often seen huddled under the covers of their homes. Some ants are happy to stay in their homes, but others will seek higher ground. These ants have some unique and interesting ways to protect themselves during the rain.

One way that ants protect themselves is by building nests that absorb water. Some ants use a special type of sand that dries quickly after rain. These nests are called ant mounds. The mounds are made in a cone shape that forces the water away from the nest. Ants can also construct tunnels that drain water from their nests.

Another way that ants protect themselves is by forming rafts on the water’s surface. These rafts can hold thousands of bodies and float for weeks at a time. Some ants will cling together and form rafts when the rain starts to pour.

The ants that live in the mangroves of Northern Australia have an advantage when it comes to rain. They have a very sophisticated tunnel system. These tunnels are so complex that the rainwater can’t penetrate them.

Another way that ants protect themselves from rain is by building a nest that is very deep. Some ants will build deep nests that are a foot or more deep. This is designed to allow water to drain quickly.

Another way that ants protect themselves in the rain is by using scent trails. These trails are important because they allow the ants to return to their nest when the sun dries all the rain.