How Do Ants Live?

Several types of ants exist. Some have stings, while others use tree branches to enter homes. Most ants are not toxic, although they can contaminate food by leaving waste behind. Some species are invasive, while others can be beneficial. Some ants can be found in several countries.

Ants are primarily social insects. They live in colonies, where they work together to gather food for the next generation. They may also use building materials or tree branches to build a nest. They are attracted to standing water. They will use their antennae to detect vibrations in the ground and they “hear” by feeling a change in the air.

A colony is started when one fertile queen mates with one or more males. The queen then lays eggs. Several days later, the eggs hatch into female workers. The queen lays two clutches of eggs each year. The workers then groom the pupa ants and feed them.

Workers then begin to gather food for the colony. The colony grows rapidly, and eventually produces 2,000 or more workers. The workers continue to gather food for the colony, and the colony continues to grow until it dies.

The queen lays eggs in the spring. These eggs are fertile and form a spring cohort of ants. The spring cohort grows into a group of winged females.

The winged females then fly off to start their own colony. The colony begins to swarm when the weather is right. The swarm begins to gather food for the colony.