How Do Ants Kill Plants in Pots?

Having ants in your potted plants can be an annoyance. Not only can they damage plants, they can also be a food source. Thankfully, they can be controlled with insecticides. But there are also some simple, natural ways to deter them.

A good natural deterrent is peppermint. You can either sprinkle it on the pot or you can spray it on the leaves. Adding peppermint oil to water can also be a deterrent. You can also sprinkle cinnamon or cayenne pepper around the affected areas.

If you find that you have ants in your pots, you may want to re-pot the plant. Repotting helps remove old soil from the roots. Also, you may want to relocate the plant. This will prevent ants from moving back in.

You can also use insecticides to get rid of ants. The best baits for ants are hydramethylnon, avermectin B, and fipronil. If you want to kill ants faster, you can use cyfluthrin.

You can also try using a flyscreen mesh to keep ants out of your pots. This can be a cheap and easy solution to keep them out. You can even share it with your gardening friends.

You can also try spraying your plants with a hose. This will help remove the ants as well as other pests. If you want to kill ants quickly, you can also add a chemical solution to the water. However, many pesticides are harmful to the environment. You may want to opt for a pesticide-free solution.