How Do Ants Help Open Peonies?

During the peony season, you might notice ants around your flowers. They are part of the process of opening the peony bud.

Ants feed on the sugary nectar that is produced by peonies. They don’t eat the petals or bud. They also defend the nectar from other insects. The ants will leave after the peony bud has opened.

Peonies are part of the myrmecophytes group of plants. They are often grown as cut flowers. They can be difficult to grow in Southern backyards. They require colder winters.

You can remove ants from peonies by shaking the stems. The ants will float out and you can rinse them off with water. You can also use a garlic water spray to scare them away.

Another way to remove ants from peonies is to put them in a separate container. You can also use insecticidal soap spray. However, be sure to look for a spray specifically formulated for ants. You don’t want to harm beneficial insects.

Peonies are not an insect-friendly flower. They are often a pest in the home. They are not only a nuisance, but they can also harm your garden. In addition to ants, there are also other insects that can damage your peonies. They include thirps, ants, and beetles. They also compete with grass for space. So, it’s best to plant peonies away from the house.

Insecticidal soap sprays are not good for organic gardening. They will also harm beneficial insects.