How Cold to Kill Fire Ants?

Using a fire ant bait or drench is one way to eliminate fire ants from your yard. However, these techniques can be time consuming and expensive. Fortunately, there are other methods of eradicating fire ants that are easier and more effective.

One of the most effective methods is to use a two-step method. The first step involves baiting the mound. The second step involves drenching the mound with a liquid spray.

Baits should be used late in the afternoon. Make sure to check the ants before applying the bait to make sure they are active. The bait should be stored in a cool place.

Baits can take several weeks to work. Baits should be applied three times a year. Remember that fire ants will not eat bait that is expired or has gone bad.

Bait treatments work best when temperatures are between 70 and 85 degrees. However, if you use bait when temperatures are too cold, it will only kill ants at the top of the mound.

Baits should be applied when no rain is expected for at least 24 hours. If you live in an area that experiences colder weather, use a bait that is designed for winter applications.

Depending on your location and density of the mound, you may have to apply multiple treatments. Baits may be used for individual mounds, but liquid drenches are more effective when treating large areas.

Using a drench can be very dangerous. It can scald a person. It can also kill plants and grass in the area around the mound. If you use a liquid drench, it is important to use it in a location where the soil has reached 65 degrees.