How Carpenter Ants Look Like

Termites and carpenter ants are both black, but they differ in shape. Carpenter ants have three body segments, while termites have two. Termites have straight, beaded antennae, but carpenter ants have elbowed antennae. Carpenter ants have one node on their waist, while termites have two nodes.

Carpenter ants feed on fruits, meat, and plant juices. They also eat sugary substances such as honeydew, which is excreted by aphids. They are often found in rotting trees or wood structures. They can also infiltrate your home. If you find these ants, you can remove the nests by caulking gaps and sealing cracks. If you can’t do that, you may have to treat the problem with insecticides.

Carpenter ants live in large colonies. Each colony has a queen and a number of workers. These workers collect food and regurgitate it to feed the developing larvae. They also excavate galleries to create larger nests. Some workers leave the main nest to forage for food. These workers are smaller than the queens. They are only about six to twelve millimeters in length.

Carpenter ants feed on nectar and plant juices. They can also eat other insects and meat. Their nests are typically in hollow logs or decaying wood. They are also attracted to meat juices on barbecue grills.

Carpenter ants are found in many locations, including basements, outside walls, and attached garages. They are most active at night. They can also nest indoors in utility pipes, around openings, and in the foundation of a building.