How Can You Die If You Eat Ants?

Whether you think they’re a pest or delicacy, insects can be a great source of protein and fat. And ants can also help with pest control. They break up food and clean up dead animal messes.

In addition to ants, there are many other animals that eat insects. Birds and mammals are some of the most common animals that feed on ants.

Ants are the biggest scavengers in nature. They clean up dead animals, dead insects, and even dead lizards. They also help clean up debris on the ground.

Ants are closely related to wasps. Modern ants diverged from wasps during the Cretaceous period, 140 million years ago. Today, there are more than a thousand species of ants. Many of them are found on every continent except Antarctica.

Some species of ants are considered to be poisonous. The venom they produce is highly painful and may cause symptoms in the body. Some ants have stingers on the bottom of their bodies. These stings can be painful or even fatal.

The ant species that are most toxic to humans are the fire ants. These ants release venom under the skin when they bite. This venom may cause repeated stings.

Other ants are not harmful to humans. Most species of ants do not have pinchers large enough to cause harm to humans. However, ants do have external teeth and mandibles to shape food.

Ants also have a tendency to build nests underground. Some of these nests are large and can be many feet deep. Some of these nests are very elaborate and have many chambers connected. Some species of ants also create anthills, which are small mounds of earth with a small opening at the top. These anthills are common in most regions.