How Can Ants Kill You?

Whether it’s an Australian pony ant, a bullet ant from South America or a honeybee, some ants can be a real nuisance. Some even bite you and cause serious pain or illness. Others, like the African driver ant, can even kill.

When ants bite you, they send out pheromones to attract other ants. Some ants also contaminate wounds and food. A person who is allergic to ants can have a life-threatening reaction to ants.

The pain of a bullet ant bite can be as bad as a gunshot wound. In some cases, the bite can last up to 24 hours.

A person who is allergic to ants may also experience swelling, redness, itching, or even anaphylactic shock. If the bite is not covered by a saline solution, the bite can become infected.

A person who is allergic to fire ants may also experience symptoms of anaphylaxis. Fire ants can cause a burning sensation, as well as swelling. Some people may even experience limb paralysis after a bite. The venom released by fire ants is not toxic, but may cause an allergic reaction.

The Florida harvester ant is another ant species that can kill. They carry venom similar to cobra. They will go on the offensive, and if provoked, they will swarm you.

The African driver ant is also known to kill infants. The colony won’t reduce a human to bone, but they will kill as a threat. They also won’t eat dead humans.