How Bad Do Fire Ants Hurt?

Several people are allergic to fire ants and may have a severe reaction. Those with a true allergy should always seek medical help. A person with a severe allergy may need to stay in the hospital.

Symptoms include swelling, redness, and a burning sensation. Usually, the pain lasts for only a short time. However, a single sting can cause severe swelling. This swelling may spread across a joint such as the wrist.

If the sting is painful, a cold compress can help reduce the swelling. An ice pack wrapped in a clean cloth can be used for 10 minutes. You can also use a product such as acetaminophen to reduce pain.

The swelling may last up to seven days. However, in the rare case of infection, you may have to visit a doctor. A doctor can prescribe a cream that contains antibiotics. You can apply it to the skin three times a day.

There are several over the counter treatments available for fire ant stings. These include an acetaminophen product and Benadryl. You can also use a 1% hydrocortisone cream to relieve the itching. You can also use aloe vera, witch hazel, or diluted ammonium solution.

If you are not allergic to fire ants, you should be fine after a single sting. However, if you experience pain or swelling after a sting, you may need to see a doctor. You may also develop an infection if the skin is broken.