How Are Ants Made?

During the nuptial flight of every species of ant, they leave the colony and fly around in search of a mate. Ants have three main body parts: a head, thorax, and abdomen. Each body part has a specific function.

The ant’s head, thorax, and abdomen are known as the mesosoma. These three areas of the ant’s body contain hundreds of lenses that combine to form a single image in the ant’s brain. The ant’s nerve cord runs from the head to the rear of the body. This nerve cord contains branches that lead to different parts of the body. The nerve cord carries carbon dioxide and oxygen from the body. The ant’s heart is a long tube. The heart pumps colorless blood from the head to the rear. The heart also provides a barrier for water loss.

The nerve cord of an ant is similar to the spinal cord of a human. It has branches leading to parts of the ant’s body. These branches are used to detect enemies and to send chemical signals to communicate. The ant’s nerve cord also transmits information.

When a worker ant finds food, it lays down chemicals to let other ants know that there is food available. Workers then carry the food back to the colony. They also lay pheromones to communicate with other ants. They also use their antennae to locate food.

Ants are classified into two main groups: queen ants and worker ants. Queen ants are the highest ranking ant caste. They never mate again. They are the queens of the colony.