Do Ants Need Water to Survive?

Despite their name, ants don’t need to drink water to survive. They get most of their water through food. They also get water through a number of other sources.

For instance, carpenter ants get water from damp wood. They are also drawn to salty water. The amount of water they consume is based on their size. For example, a mid-sized ant may drink as little as 0.1 microlitre. But a larger ant may consume as much as 35 microlitres.

Other species of ants get water from flowers or plant sap. Some even grow fungus. Some ants are able to reclaim their internal water through organs called rectal pads.

Another ant species, the Myrmecocytus mexicanus, can store water and sugar in its abdomen. This ant species lives in dry parts of Mexico.

Many species of ants also get water from food. Most ants eat seeds, nectar, oil and grease. Some ants, such as leafcutter ants, grow fungus.

Almost every terrestrial habitat contains ants. These insects are also a great help in keeping nature clean. They clean up dead animals and plants, and are even known to help propagate plants.

Some species of ants get their water from the morning dew on the leaves of trees. They then carry the water back to the nest for storage. This helps them survive when there is a shortage of water.

Some ants are also able to survive under water for up to 14 days. However, this does depend on the ant’s metabolism and how quickly the water vapors are absorbed.