Do Ants Make Nests?

Whether ants make nests depends on the species. Some ants make small mounds on the surface, while others build elaborate underground nests.

Some species of ants make anthills, which are small mounds of earth with an aperture at the top. Anthills can reach heights of several feet. Various species of ants can connect via tunnels within the anthill.

The queen ant lays eggs in a special chamber within the nest. The anthill is made up of soil and sand. In the winter, ants burrow deeper into the ground. They come together to keep warm. When the weather warms up, the queen ants will rebuild the colony.

Some ants, like Carpenter ants, make nests in wood. They use fallen trees or other logs as a food source. They also make tunnels inside wooden structures. If their nest gets disturbed, they will leave a trail that attracts other ants.

Carpenter ants sometimes make their nests right next to homes. In this way, they have easy access to food. Some ants also create protective covers over their nests.

Some species of ants, like the Green Tree Ant, construct nests by stitching leaves together with silk. The Green Tree Ant also expands its nests by creating satellite nests. In some cases, ants will create a protective cover over a feeding site.

Some species of ants also make nests in soil. These nests can be extremely large. Some of these nests are composed of hundreds of individual nests separated by hundreds of feet. These nests are very elaborate and consume an enormous amount of energy.