Can Black Ants Cause Damage to Your House?

Among the most common pests found in North America are carpenter ants. They are tiny insects that measure about 1/4-inch in length and black in color. They build nests in wood, usually near windows or door frames. They leave behind small piles of sawdust and wood shavings.

Carpenter ants are also known to enter your home through gaps around windows, doors, cracks in the foundation and wall surfaces. They may dig into the wood to create nests. In some cases, carpenter ants have caused significant structural damage to a home.

Another species of ants, the pavement ant, can cause structural damage by undermining paved driveways and sidewalks. They also build nests inside buildings, usually beneath concrete. These ants are smaller than carpenter ants and are commonly seen on paved areas in the summer.

Among the most dangerous species of ants are the fire ants, which can cause life-threatening venom when stung. They are typically seen outdoors, but have been known to invade buildings and homes.

If you find a large gallery of black ants, you may want to consider getting help from a pest control expert. They will be able to identify the type of ant and determine the best way to treat the problem.

You may also want to consider using boric acid and diatomaceous earth. These products will help eliminate black ants. But they are not effective in all cases.

Another solution is to clean your house. This will make the chemical trails from the ants more difficult to follow.