Can Ants and Termites Live Together?

Termites and ants are two insect species that are common in many homes. Both are social insects that live in colonies. They eat wood and other material for protein and cellulose. They also build tunnels to get to the food source. They can be found in your home in crawlspaces, near plumbing and in damaged window frames.

Although they look similar, termites and ants have different body structures. Termites are larger and are often dark in color. They have a more defined vein pattern and straight antennae. Termites also have soldiers.

Termites have four wings that are the same length. These wings are about twice as long as the termite’s body. Termites swarm during spring and disperse to form new colonies.

Termites build mud tubes that connect to the food source. These tubes conserve moisture and serve as a bridge between the colony and the food source. They can be about the thickness of a pencil. A single colony can have over 1 million individuals.

Termites and ants can attack decaying wood outdoors. They also build colonies inside wood. They can create nests in old logs, tree stumps, and firewood stakes. They can be found in leaky pipes, on wooden furniture, and even in your window frames.

The body of an ant is smaller and lighter than a termite. Ants can lift 20 times their own weight. Ants can attack termite larvae before they reach the colony. They are also more specialized in the way they attack wood.