Why Are Spiders Important?

Spiders are important because they are prey for other animals and play a role in many ecosystems. For example, spiders recycle nutrients and help prevent crop damage. They also provide food for birds and small mammals.

Although a few species of spiders may cause harm to humans, the vast majority of spiders are beneficial. Most eat insects. A few also bite humans. However, most spiders do not have dangerous fangs.

Spiders are considered to be one of the most important biological pest controllers. They are especially helpful in controlling insect populations in the agricultural environment. This means that they can help keep harmful pests out of crops, landscaping and other areas.

In addition to eating insects, spiders are important for the pollination of plants. They also recycle nutrients in the soil. As a result, they can reduce the need for chemical pesticides.

These tiny arthropods are also a source of information for scientists. Studies of their behaviour have given us a better understanding of the ambient environment.

Another useful feature of spiders is their webs. Some spiders build sticky webs to catch their prey. Others build cobwebs and funnel-shaped webs.

Spiders have been observed to eat insects in South American rice fields. Similarly, they have been used to control insects in apple orchards.

Spiders are also important as a source of medical research. Their venom is being tested for use in antivenom. It is also being used in stroke and muscular dystrophy treatment.

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