Where Spiders Come From and How to Get Rid of Them

It is common to wonder where spiders come from. They are small, scurrying arthropods that make webs to catch food and shelter. Some types of spiders are harmless, while others are dangerous. You can get rid of spiders in your home if you know how to identify them and take the appropriate steps.

Most commonly, spiders will enter homes to look for food or other pests. The main way they do this is by entering through cracks or holes. However, other less common entry points are also used by spiders.

The first spiders were likely thick-waisted arachnids, like cockroaches. These ancestors did not yet have their own water supply. To escape, they may have used silk. Or they may have constructed a simple ground sheet web.

Today, the most common types of spiders are haymaking spiders and house spiders. House spiders are a relatively benign species that do not bite humans. But they are still a nuisance.

Spider-haymakers, on the other hand, build uneven, coarse webs that they use for shelter. They are most active during the summer, and they usually reside in dry areas.

Several more types of spiders live in houses. If you notice a large number of these in your home, it is likely that you have a pest problem. A professional pest control company can help you with a thorough treatment.

You can remove these insects by spraying your home with specialized chemicals. However, be careful about the health effects of these chemicals.

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