What Essential Oils Are Good For Spiders?

If you want to keep spiders away from your home, you should consider using essential oils. This is a safe and natural way to repel them. However, you will need to be careful. Some essential oils are toxic, and some can cause adverse reactions in children or pets.

To get started, you can mix a few drops of the oil with water. You can also use a spray bottle. Be sure to shake the bottle well before spraying. It is advisable to reapply the solution every other day.

Another way to use the oils is by putting them into a diffuser. Diffusers are available online and at most retail stores. When diffused, they help to provide a strong scent to the area. Using a diffuser is just as effective as sprinkling the mixture.

The most common essential oil used for spider repelling is peppermint. It is a powerful anti-spider oil, but should not be used around children or pets. Also, be cautious about applying it to children under the age of 10 and never on their eyes.

Citrus essential oils have been found to be very effective in repelling spiders. In addition, lemon balm, rosemary, and lavender also work effectively. Depending on the type of oil you are using, you can either mix it with water or with dish soap.

Eucalyptus is another essential oil that is highly effective in repelling spiders. The smell of eucalyptus has a woody and warm aroma.