What Animals Do Spiders Belong To?

Spiders are invertebrates. They have a hard outer shell called the “exoskeleton,” which protects their body from cold. The limbs of spiders are jointed, which allows them to move and bend. Several species of spiders have silk, which is a protein fiber that can be used for climbing and tethering.

In some species, spiders have venom, which allows them to inject poison into their prey. However, many spiders do not have venom, and instead inject digestive fluids into their prey. Some spiders use their first pair of legs to feel their prey. Other spiders break up their prey with their jaws.

Some spiders are predators, whereas others eat only plants. These species live in a variety of regions and can be kept as pets.

Most spiders have a distinct appearance. This helps them distinguish themselves from other animals. If you accidentally step on one, you should gently remove it.

A spider’s heart muscle can distill blood in one direction. It also has a single cavity for blood. Hemocyanin is dissolved in the lymph, which gives the spider’s blood a blue color.

Arachnids are a separate order from insects. Their nervous system is many times more complicated than an insect’s. Unlike insects, arachnids have no antennae.

Besides their anatomy, arachnids also have reproductive parts. Females lay eggs on their web, while males fight for their life. Each spider species produces silk. Silk is strong protein fiber that is used for climbing, tethering, and for many other purposes.