New Zealand Spiders

New Zealand has three types of spiders. These are the katipo, white-tailed, and redback. Each of these are distinct species, and they are considered endangered.

The katipo spider is one of the most poisonous native spiders in New Zealand. Its bite isn’t lethal, but it can cause swelling. If you are bitten, it’s a good idea to get antivenom.

In the past few years, an Australian redback spider has been spotted in New Zealand. This type of spider is closely related to the katipos. Like them, it’s a night stinger.

Despite being found in areas of New Zealand, the Australian redback spider is not well established. However, it does seem to be present in a few localised populations. Generally, it prefers a dry, sheltered environment, such as a farm or house.

White-tailed spiders are from Australia, but they don’t cause a lot of harm. They are small, dark, and live almost entirely on other spiders. Their bite isn’t as painful as that of a bee. But if you are bitten by a white-tailed spider, you’ll need to seek medical attention.

Another venomous spider in New Zealand is the huntsman. Also called the flat huntsman, this spider was first introduced to the country in the early 1920s. Several specimens have been sighted in the suburbs of Christchurch.

The black-headed jumping spider is also a native species, and it can leap half a metre. A young female trapdoor spider digs a hole of her own and lives there for up to 25 years.