Jumping Spiders

A jumping spider is a group of arthropods which have evolved to rely on their jumping ability to capture prey. These creatures can leap several times their body length. They have a very sharp vision and use it to pounce on their prey. Jumping spiders also have a powerful internal hydraulic system that allows them to jump without the use of large muscular legs.

Jumping spiders have four pairs of eyes, two of them on the front of the head. The anterior median pair is especially large. In addition, the other three pairs of eyes serve as peripheral vision.

A Salticidae, the family which contains the largest number of jumping spiders, has over 6,000 species. Some Salticidae spiders can leap up to fifty feet. This is enough to snag and take down a meal twice their size.

Another type of jumping spider, the Plexippus paykulli, is a venomous species that relies on its brute strength to kill its prey. Males perform smaller jumps during mating displays.

Jumping spiders can live on the coast or in high elevations. They are diurnal, meaning they are active during daylight. If you are disturbed by a spider in your home, you should carefully bring the spider to safety. You may need to use a vacuum to clean up the web.

Jumping spiders can be very adorable. However, they can also be very destructive. Most jumping spiders have a tendency to jump towards humans. To avoid trouble with people, they are often very social.