How to Tell What Spiders Look Like a Brown Recluse

A brown recluse spider is not the type of spider you want to come across. They are very dangerous, and they bite. If you are lucky, they will leave you alone, but they are not always as easy to identify as you would like.

There are several types of spiders that can be mistaken for a brown recluse. These spiders are usually very small and have a lot of fine hair. The color of these spiders varies from light tan to a darker, dirt-like brown.

The best way to tell the difference between a brown recluse and another spider is by their body shape. The recluse has long, thin legs and a body length of around 3/8 of an inch. Spiders with longer legs or larger “spines” on their abdomen are not recluses.

Another good indicator of a brown recluse is a single violin-shaped marking on the back. This mark is always darker than the rest of the spider’s body, and it tapers down to form a neck of sorts.

You can also try and see if you can spot a violin-shaped marking on the back of a house spider. House spiders are attracted to homes, so they enter through windows, doors, and eaves.

Some of the most common spiders that are found in North America have a violin-shaped marking. These include the woodlouse hunter, a ground spider, and the huntsman. While the violin-shaped marking is impressive, it’s not a reliable indication that you’re actually dealing with a brown recluse.