How to Kill Spiders Without Spray

Spiders can be a real nuisance in homes. Many of these insects can be dangerous, and they can swarm and lay hundreds of eggs. Some species are extremely toxic. In addition, a spider bite can cause a skin reaction for some people. If you are bitten, seek medical attention immediately.

The best way to avoid spiders in your home is to keep it clean. Most spiders don’t like to be near water, but some will live in it. To make your home less attractive to spiders, wipe down counters and window sills, and vacuum regularly.

Besides spraying, another method of killing spiders is to squirt them with water. There are several types of sprays on the market, though many contain toxins.

If you want a more natural option, use eucalyptus oil or lavender. These have proven to be effective at repelling spiders. However, you should never spray this directly on the spider.

Spraying a diluted vinegar solution can also be effective. Vinegar contains acetic acid, which burns spiders.

Another effective method is to spread a thin layer of diatomaceous earth outside of your home. This will kill spiders and keep them from crawling inside.

You may also consider using a sticky trap. Sticky traps are an effective, nontoxic way to rid your home of spiders. They are often laced with an enticing scent to lure spiders.

For a more manual method, you can try vacuuming or squishing spiders. However, these methods require physical contact, and are not recommended for people with phobias.